Our Academic Program

MJCS is dedicated to achieving excellence for all of our students. Our academic programs, coupled with our small class sizes, meet or exceed local, state and national recognized standards of learning. All classrooms are self-contained with a teacher and a rotating teacher’s aide. All Pre-Kindergarten through 6th Grade students are taught the following core subject areas: Bible, reading, language arts, math, science and social studies. MJCS uses both Christian and secular curricula to prepare our students; however, Biblical principles are integrated throughout the curriculum into every subject. All students also participate in the following special classes once each week: music, Spanish, physical education, art and technology. School-wide chapel services are held monthly where the emphasis is on the development of Christian character. Additionally, all grade levels participate in various field trips to enhance and enrich the curriculum. For more details about the curriculum materials used at each grade level for each subject area, please feel free to contact us to schedule a visit or attend one of our open houses.

Fine Arts

Students at MJCS participate in a variety of specials each week, including computer, library, art, music, Spanish, and physical education classes. In addition, there are numerous school-wide events/programs throughout the school year including a Thanksgiving Feast, a Christmas musical, a Black History Program, Easter Program and a closing ceremony. These events/programs provide many opportunities for ALL of the students to participate in various ways including acting in the plays, performing vocal solos, singing as part of the choir, playing instrumental pieces. Students at the elementary level, beginning in the second grade, learn to read music and play the recorder.

Service Learning

Monday, January 16, 2012, MJCS hosted its 1st Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. Our students, faculty and their families, along with church members and their families, were able to help make Valentine’s Day cards and hanging cross banners for a nursing home, sachets for a women's shelter, scarves for the homeless, hanging patriotic stars for wounded soldiers and cards for hospitalized children.

The MJCS, in partnership with the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF), will be providing many other opportunities to involve the students and their families in ongoing service learning and projects. The PTF is proud to support the MJCS in fulfilling its vision through community service, and we look forward to our families participating in more events like this one throughout the years to come.


Chapel will be held twice per month during the school year. Chapels are normally held on the first and third Wednesday of each month, dates appearing on our school calendar. Guest speakers, school staff, and parents will be invited to speak at the chapel services. The monthly topics for the chapel services center around character traits such as perseverance, thankfulness, honesty, etc. Parents are always invited to attend our chapel services.

One School, One Book

MJCS promotes One School, One Book which is a program designed to create a shared reading experience within a single elementary school community. A chapter book is chosen, every student receives a copy, and every family reads that book at home over the course of a single month. Activities at school coordinate, promote and enrich the shared reading experience.  The program is modeled after All City Reads that have been done across the United States, from Seattle and Chicago to Richmond, VA. The program encourages reading together at home by enabling every family and by inspiring them with a shared experience.

The best titles for the program are those rare books that can be understood by early readers and yet still interest experienced readers. For example, E.B. White’s The Trumpet of the Swan. Or Lynne Reid Banks’ The Indian in the Cupboard.  Or Betty G. Birney’s The World According to Humphrey.

Participating schools do a variety of things at school to heighten and promote interest in and discussion of the book, from school-wide assemblies to school-wide art and writing contests. Most schools rely on a daily trivia question, usually read by the principal to the whole school in the morning. This simple technique creates daily awareness of the book, and encourages in students deep, attentive, and personally gratifying listening habits. Students take pride in being in command of the book’s details and “owning” the material.

Read To Them supplies specific content to enable our school to implement the program – introductory materials to explain the program to our community.  And individual books packets with resources specific to each title you read.  Read To Them provides the books for our students, families, staff, and community.  Along the way, we’ll have full support of Read to Them’s personnel, including One School, One Book Director, Bruce Coffey, who will act as our personal consultant so we can tailor and refine the program to fit our school’s specific environment and needs.