Mount Jezreel Christian School

MJCS Parent Teacher Fellowship


Sonya McCallum-Bakalis

Vice President




The MJCS Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) will provide a forum and tools that will enable faculty, staff, parents and students of MJCS to partner together to enhance the vision and mission of the school.  We invite all parents to be actively involved at MJCS and in the PTF.  By joining the PTF, your family supports your child's learning and development and ensures the success and growth of our school, builds strong relationships with faculty and staff, and networks with other families to receive and provide parental support.  There will be numerous opportunities for your involvement in the PTF throughout the school year.

The PTF will host regular monthly meetings in the evenings.  Free childcare will be provided for the meetings.  Meetings are held in the CafĂ© of Mount Jezreel Baptist Church. More information will be coming soon!

PTF Committees

Communication: Maintains the school directory, emails, website, yahoo group0 and PTF Bulletin board.

Planning:  Helps in discussing the school strategies, plans monthly PTF meetings, prepares for the school Open House.

Development:  Parent Resources, Hot Topics and Fundraising.

Community Service:  Plans community service projects and other service learning activities throughout the school year.

Celebration:  Plans year end school celebration and cultural celebrations.


If you are interested in serving on a PTF Committee or for more information regarding the PTF, please send an email to  To subscribe to the PTF groups, send an email to: Parents need to include the name of their child and their child's teacher when requesting membership.